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We deploy the best solutions that fit your business by offering high quality eCommerce, web design, web application and online integrative services. Whether you are a big company or small business trying to grow your business or increasing market share by IT-Based solutions, we’re the PARTNER for your SUCCESS.

To Excel Our Tech Expertise

We aim to be one of the bests in out firm, jumping ahead our competitors in service quality

To Take Up a Challenge

We love difficult, exciting and challenging projects. They reveal all our technical potentials

To Stand Out of the Crowd

We’re different from our competitors and want our clients to be different from their competitors

To Stay Client-Focused

We strive to provide first-class services and bring a more customized approach to the app development

Our Services

E-commerce Solutions
From shopping cart solutions to third party integrations, we have your ecommerce website needs covered. Leveraging premiere platforms and frameworks and our own innovative strategies, we turn traffic into sales.
» Business starts hear

Digital Marketing
Regarding our deep insights and a solid strategic plan, we can maximize the return on your marketing efforts. Our team of specialists design and deliver strategies to bring the best opportunity for growth in your business.
» Grow your business

Mobile Applications
Mobile applications take your website to the next level. Enhance user experience while encouraging customer. Little but mighty, Mobile is a new frontier so we can help you blaze the trail.
» Go Mobile, be forward

Responsive Web Design
Responsive ecommerce websites that adapt to various devices for the best user experience. An omnichannel strategy will drive your company’s success. We can get you there.
» Be everywhere

Web Applications
From initial concept to completion, we create engaging web applications that will help your business growth. With automation the key to business processes, we create license-free custom apps to streamline your business.
» Connect everything

Cloud Hosting
Web hosting server selection is one of the most influential decisions on launching a website. The same way your customers depend on you to keep serving them, you depend on your server to keep running your business.
» Stay Online

Service Distribution

Service Distribution

Enjoy Simplicity! With Green Host, you can finally STOP wasting time going to multiple companies to get all your marketing, graphic/web design, mobile app development, and your brand entity needs met.
Green Host Co. will look after you from beginning to end with quality service and competitive prices allowing you to focus on what counts — your growing business!



Denmark2Iran is a business directory which promotes high quality Danish products and services for BtoB, BtoC and BtoG marketplaces in Middle East. Our mission is to support and coordinate directory services for small to medium Danish companies. We believe that companies with unique technological advantages will develop valuable self-branded products. These products will be highly successful to the Middle East marketplace.

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